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Variété qui selon certaines sources serait disparue...Fruit rouge cramoisi brillant de 250 à 400 grammes...
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Description du produit

2586 - General Grant


Couleur... Rose pourpre
Précocité... Mi-saison Productivité... Très bonne Origine... USA
Forme... Beefsteak
Feuillage...  Régulier Résistance... Bonne Utilisation... Salade-cuisson
Calibre... Moyen à gros
Hauteur... +/-1,80 m Climat... Tous
Croissance... Indéterminée
Très vieil héritage datant des années 1870-1880 originaire des USA. Variété qui selon certaines sources serait disparue. (Carolyn Male, Tatianatomatobase..) Ne pas confondre avec 'Lambert's General Grant' bien que très similaire au niveau de la forme et du calibre l'une est rose (Lambert's Général Grant) et l'autre rose pourpre (Général Grant). Fruit pourpre brillant de 250 à 400 grammes  de type beefsteak, rond légèrement aplati de 8 à 10 centimètres de diamètre, de forme régulière et symétrique rarement cotelée/nervurée. Peau remarquablement lisse et brillante, chair très ferme et charnue contenant peu de gel et de graines. Saveur riche, excellente. Plant à grand développement, feuillage régulier, croissance indéterminée. Très bonne production.
  • There is another tomato called General Grant, which was originally developed/selected by an amateur from Masachussetts, according to the article 'Unrivalled Prize Tomato General Grant' in The Gardener's monthly and horticultural advertiser, Volume 11 -
"It originated in the garden of an Amateur, who, after growing it for a number of years in connection with all the leading sorts, became convinced that it was far superior to any other, and that it should be widely disseminated ; and for this purpose it was put into our hands. In consideration of the many disappointments experienced in the introduction of new varieties, we have given it a thorough trial of two years ; and it has far exceeded our expectations, ever attracting great attention wherever exhibited, taking the first prize above all others at the Massachusetts Horticultural Society's Exhibitions the past two years. We feel the fullest confidence that too much cannot be said in its praise. We believe it the nearest approach to perfection of any thing of the kind yet offered, combining more superior qualities.
Size about the medium, three to four inches in diameter, growing in clusters; form round, slightly flattened, very regular, symmetrical and rarely ribbed or wrinkled; color brilliant glossy crimson ; flesh unusually firm, solid, and free from water, weighing from ten to twenty pounds more per bushel than other varieties ; skin remarkably fine, smooth and shining, coloring well up to the stem, a quality very desirable to those preparing them for the table; very productive, and of the finest flavor; bears carriage well, and keeps in good condition a long time after being gathered, retaining its goodness, and free from wilting. It will be found to ripen uniformly, and as early as, if not earlier than other varieties. "
Commentaires de Carolyn Male sur Tomatoville

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